come home

Cuz you can’t do Brooklyn without Manhattan
Can’t get enough of that yonce tho

Ashleigh Good by Johnny Dufort for Uk Harper’s Bazaar May 2014

Orange lips, sleek hair. One order of that please
But why are you so overpriced for my life?


Miami Tendencies

Our cover girl Eva Mendes is not the skinny jeans type. See her all glammed up in the May issue of Flare.

How on earth has this woman look the same for the last 10 yrs. Fountain of youth maybe?
Punk Chic…Love your earrings boo

All this time by clourr featuring demi bras

Spring 2013 fashion trends:
1. The new metallics: Metallics don’t necessarily have to be limited to space-age silver or grecian gold. This year metallic’s span everything from futurist to glam brocade, precious metals to pastels. See: metallic clothing.
2. Sheer clothing: It’s the trend that dared to bare and won. See-through clothing has worked its way into being a year-round, accepted part of fashion, but it’s with each new season that a new evolution takes place. See: sheer clothing.
3. The new boho: There’s always a certain romance that comes with the bohemian, the carefree traveller, the hippie. For spring / summer 2013 it’s present in a form both luxurious and soft, an evolution of the boho trends of yore. See: modern bohemian fashion.
4. Clear plastic: Rain-proof, wind-proof, and boredom-proof, there’s nothing like a futuristic pop of transparent plastic to liven up an outfit. Look for clear PVC, rubber, perspex or any other material that defies the odds of spring fashion: you’ll be on the right track. See: clear plastic clothing.
5. ’60s fashion: Honing in on a particular mood of the 1960s era, spring focuses on mod prints, vibrant colors, short hems, and bouffant hair. Always one to have fun with, See: 1960s fashion revival.
6. Black and white patterns: It’s closely intertwined with the trend towards 1960’s mod fashion, and with designers like Marc Jacobs behind it you can expect graphic black and white checks and stripes to be in every shop window for spring / summer. See: black and white patterned clothing.
7. Androgynous fashion: It started out with the pleasant confusion of boys who looked like girls and girls who looked like boys, but androgyny in fashion has mellowed to be more about subtle gender blurring in what we wear. Spring offers up new ideas. See: androgyny in fashion.
8. Pinafore dresses: Whether they’re embracing their sweet and innocent connotations in retro prints, or turning away from them in tough leather accents, pinafore dresses offer up plenty of options for spring. See: pinafores and apron dresses.
9. Cut-away clothing: Cut-outs in clothing make for windows to your best assets. Whether they’re bold or subtle, daring or refined, cutaway pieces are still going strongn for spring. See: cutaway clothing.
10. Floral appliques: Adding a 3-dimensional garden to your outfit is the surest way to make it feel like spring. The couture runways did it best in luxurious appliques and intricate beading, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work some floral appliques and embroidery into your own outfits come spring.
11. Sporty chic: No longer confining itself to particular sports or the athletic track and field, sporty fashion has become a broader mood of slickness and modern minimalism. Luxurious and yet easy to wear, See: sportswear as fashion.
12. Crop tops: Donning a cropped top doesn’t necessarily require the most toned abs in the world (though it certainly helps): in spring / summer 2013 the trend continues to be about exposing as much as you like, be it just a peep of upper midriff or a whole lot of abs. See: crop tops.
13. Brushstroke prints: Fashion and art collide this spring in a more literal way than usual, with brushstrokes and paint splashes working their way across garments in more ways than one. See: brushstroke prints.
14. Orange colour trend: Vibrant, bold, and optimistic: fresh and citrusy orange hues are one way to lift your spirits and your outfit this spring. Taking inspiration from the runways, See: how to wear orange clothing for spring 2013.
15. The white shirt: It’s a wardrobe staple no woman should be without: the classic white shirt. But fashion is all for giving classics new twists, and the spring / summer 2013 season offers up plenty of inspiration for reinventing this one. See: classic white shirt.
16. Pants as eveningwear: Alongside the sweeping gowns and embellished frocks on the couture runways were pairs of trousers that were delicate, glamorous, and smart enough to be worn to an evening affair. Some were merged with long gowns as a kind of dress-pants hybrid. Another couture trend you can work into your own spring looks, See: dressy pants as evening wear
17. Bird prints: Collectively, spring’s designers found some vague fascination with the creatures of the sky. Bird prints and motifts found their way onto a number of runways, bringing with them a romance of feathers and flight. See: bird motifs.
18. Camo prints for women: Camouflage prints have by no means been limited to the menswear runways. Taking on feminine shapes and abstracted prints, camo gets a vibrant reworking for women. See: camo print for women. (image: fashionising)

But I still think these are poppin’ trends